Character Creation

Races: Elf, Half-Elf, Dwarf, or Human. If you are very familiar with Sapkowski then I might allow a Halfling or Gnome, but if done wrong they could easily break the feel (then again if done right they could be awesome).

Classes: Barbarian, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Paladin, Ranger, Military Ranger*, Rogue, Bard Hack*, Wizard, or Witcher*. The ones marked with asterisks (*) are homebrew which I can email to you or put on GoogleDocs. Paladins are always members of the Order of Eternal Flame, and many (but not all) Clerics are too; they cast spells same as everyone else, just different rituals and they attribute their powers to the gods. Wizards are often memberes of the Brotherhood of Sorcerers or Lodge of Sorceresses. The spell-casting playtest Rangers are members of Druidic society or perhaps acolyte Druids, whereas the Military Ranger is a hardened scout who is or was attached to a military unit. Starting at level 1.

Btw, if we end up with an all Witcher party or a no Witcher party that will change the game story significantly.

Ability Scores: Use the D&D Next array (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8), D&D Next point buy, or roll 4d6 drop lowest and apply as desired.

Background: It’s important to know where your character comes from in the world. Check out the map of the Northern Kingdoms. Most characters should be Nordlings but I might entertain a renegade Nilfgaardian. I suggest checking out the Witcher 2 Nilfgaardian Invasion Begins trailer on YouTube which helps set up the backdrop I’m going for. I’m thinking of starting the game in Aldersberg (Lower Aedirn) very close to where the fighting is happening, but I’ll wait to get your character concepts.

Feats: Herbalism for Witchers grants access to 3 potion recipes and can be taken multiple times. There is a special homebrew feat called Elder Blood available to humans or half-elves who can cast spells…but you’d need to be hardcore into the setting lore to go for it.

Alignment:¬†Alignment will be optional. However, I do recommend you figure out your character’s starting position on: Kings/Queens vs. Peasants, Men vs. Monsters, Ignorance vs. Nonhumans, and Nature of Magic.

Equipment: Mostly normal, except plate armor is restricted to nobles. Witcher potions only work for Witchers (they act as potions of poison to everyone else). Dimeritium is a rare mineral that has natural anti-magic properties, which can be forged into jewelry or even armor.

Character Creation

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